Talla Smart KB FAQs

What is Talla?

Talla allows you to organize, share, and discover knowledge with an A.I.-driven knowledge base.
Turn Your Knowledge Base into a Chatbot
Talla's content editor allows you to tag information with a proprietary A.I. tagging system that makes your knowledge easily readable by machine learning models, eliminating the training time typically required to create an intelligent bot.

Why do I need Talla?

We've heard a variety of problems with current knowledge solutions from companies of all different sizes. The major trends we've heard are:
* Information quickly becomes out of date
* It's hard to find information, information is siloed or inaccessible, and people spend too much time looking for information
Talla's intelligent knowledge base helps with all of these issues, making your employees more productive.

What can I do with the beta version of the Talla platform?

* Create content in Talla that can be retrieved via web search or in supported chat platforms (Slack, Microsoft Teams, and TallaChat)
* Quickly get the answers you need
* Link to existing pages and content blocks
* Tag any word or acronym so that Talla can become your company's glossary bot
* Add user-specific context for more detailed chatbot answers.
* Tag a user to have Talla reach out for content

What are the product roadmap features?

We have a big year planned for 2018. Below are some of the intelligent features we're most excited about. We'd love to hear your thoughts on how we can make Talla more effective in your company!
* Detailed content analysis to prevent duplicate or conflicting knowledge
* Intelligent Verification that prevents content from becoming stale and useless (Talla learns when to ask for content reviews and verification)
* Insights into gaps in knowledge - no need to worry about reading through search logs, Talla will help you understand what content topics are missing from the knowledge base. Talla will even recommend a content subject matter expert based on prior authoring.
* Content recommendations based on user roles, functions, search history
* Content tagging for micro-learning use-cases such as employee onboarding, role changes, and employee training
* Page and content block templates
* Bulk content import from legacy 'unintelligent' knowledge bases
* Improved collaboration
* Content and usage metrics

What is TallaChat?

TallaChat gives you all of the functionality of Talla in a standalone web application or a widget to be embedded in your existing systems. TallaChat is perfect for deploying to small teams or as a whole-company solution if your organization isn’t using a chat platform like Slack or MS Teams.

What chat platforms are supported?

Talla is currently available on Slack and Microsoft Teams, with additional chat platforms coming soon. Contact us at sales@talla.com to learn more about specific platform rollouts.

How do I contact Talla?

You can reach us at support@talla.com.

Where can I submit feedback?

We'd love to hear your thoughts! Contact us at support@talla.com.

How much does Talla cost?

Talla Starter edition is free and provides a great solution for small teams looking to turn knowledge into a self-service chatbot.
For more advanced features, check our website for the latest pricing or contact us at sales@talla.com or (617) 517-4156.

How do I get a job at Talla?

Check out our career page for current opportunities!

What is BotChain?

Learn more about BotChain and BotCoin here.

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