User Attributes Overview

User Attributes are tags assigned to user profiles in Talla.  Attributes are most commonly used to assign team information such as business unit, team, or role to a given user.  Attributes enable you to filter analytics and training requests by user tags. 

How to Add or Modify user Attributes

Modify attributes in the User Management tab in the Talla Webapp.  Note: you must be a User Admin, or Organization Admin to access this functionality.

Update One User's Attributes

You can update user attributes one user at a time in in User Management.  This is commonly used to add new attributes to a system, or to update employees who may have changed roles. 

Once in User Management, click on the desired user to open up their profile settings. 

In the Attributes section, use the dropdown to add pre-existing attributes, or begin typing to add a new attributes.

Above (use the dropdown to add attributes to a user)

Above (start typing to create a new attribute)

Note: attributes cannot contain commas, as a comma separated list is used for bulk-updates.

Bulk Update Attributes

Note: you cannot add new attributes using bulk actions.  Attributes must first be added to Talla from groups & users prior to be managed in bulk. 

To make a bulk update:

  1. Select "Manage Users" → "Export" from the User Management page
  2. Open the CSV export & update column G accordingly.
    1. Note: attributes are a comma separate list
  3. Save the file as a CSV
  4. Upload to "Manage Users" → "Import" from the User Management page
  5. Approve Changes

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