Trainer & Writer Workflow

When resolving Training Requests, often times, new knowledge needs to be documented.  In these scenarios, the Trainer may need to collaborate with a knowledge writer.  The Trainer & Editor workflow enables this collaboration with ease from within the Talla web app.

Workflow Overview

  1. Organize Request:  When a Trainer finds a request that requires new content, the Trainer should assign that task to a Writer (the writer can also be themselves) and move the request to "Requires Content"
  2. Document the Resolution:  The Writer is alerted of the request and can then author the appropriate content
  3. Complete the Training:  Either the Writer can complete the request or change the status of the request to "Ready to Train", which will alert the assigned Trainer that the request is ready to be resolved

How do I Move a request into Requires Content?

To move requests in to the Requires Content tab, use the "Move Request" dropdown, found at the top of the side-panel when you open a Training Request.  

You can also optionally assign a content writer.  This will send a request for content notification to the writer.  Writers must have the Trainer role in Talla.

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