In Review

What is the “In-Review” status?

A Page is flagged as “In-Review” when a document needs to be manually reviewed by an Editor prior to being published.

Documents go into the in-review status when:

  • Documents are automatically ingested but not automatically published. Updates will show up in the in-review tab. 
  • Documents are automatically AND automatically published, but there is a change that requires a person to verify.Where to find documents in-review?
  • Trainers and Editors can find the "In-review" tab under "Pages".
  • Admins can see ingested documents including the "in-review" status on the integrations tab.What triggers the in-review modal?

When a knowledge block has at least one question paired to is no longer found. 

How to resolve an in-review?

For the blocks with headers that are not found, find the header in the list to preserve the trained questions.

How will I know if there are Pages that require verification?

In Talla, you will see a badge on the Pages icon

After you click on the Pages icon, you will also see a badge on the “In-Review” tab

In-Review Workflow

Clicking on the Page will trigger the in-review workflow.

Hover over the “?” icon next to the Not Found blocks to view all previously trained responses. Click the dropdown to remap those trained responses to any new content areas.  Or, you may choose to omit this step and publish changes as-is. 

When you have remapped trained responses, the indicator tile will change from red to green.  

Once remapping is complete, you can publish changes, and your newly synced articles will be ready for use

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