Users and Content Groups

This document details the User Management Page in Talla. This page has functionality that enables our customers to set up users and define access to content through content groups.

Types of Users

Note:  the User type differs from the role that a user may plan in a given group.

  1. User information (first name, last name, email, etc)
  2. Profile type
    1. User: does not have access to the User Management tab
    2. (New in 2022) User Admin: has access to the User Management page with the ability to add users and modify user properties.
    3. Organization Admin: has access to User Management page with the ability to add users, groups and users to groups. This profile type should be limited to as few users as possible.
  3. (New in 2022) Attributes
  • Attributes can be used to label  users’ location, team, division or any other attribute about the user. These attributes are available in reporting, which would allow customers to look at activity by any of these attributes. 

Content Groups 

Content must be associated with a group. A customer can choose to have all content in one group, or they can utilize multiple groups if they want to leverage Chrome Extension filters or if they would like to selectively provide specific access to different users. For example, you may want a BPO that’s focused on one specific product, to not have access to content for other products or internal HR content for employees.

  • Content Groups can be created by User Admins or Organization Admins 
  • Content Groups contain a list of users. Each user has a role:
    • Group Admin: have the ability to  add new users to a group 
    • Trainer: have access to the Training Module
    • Editor: have the ability to edit content 
    • Viewer: have read access to content
  • Adding users to a group
    • Organization Admins and User Admins (who are also Group admins) can add members to a group.


Functionality (Groups & Users)

Users setup is done within the User Management section of the application. Go to Settings->Groups & Users or navigate directly by going to

The Users tab of the User Management screen provides access to all the Users that are part of the customers subscription, with the ability to search, filter, and export information.

Adding New Users

New Users can be set up manually by either using the “Invite new users” flow in the UI or by using a CSV Import. These options can be found under Manage Users

Configuring Users

Users have the following fields:

  • Email (must be unique)
  • First Name 
  • Last Name
  • Username
  • Profile Type
    • User: Standard 
    • User Admin
    • Organization Admin
  • Attributes 
    • Attributes are labels that can be assigned to users. For example attributes can be used to capture an employee's division, team, and location.
  • Status 
    • Enabled: Enabled indicates an active user
    • Disabled: Disabled users show up in reporting, but no longer have access to the application. If they try to login, they will get a message indicating that they do not have access.

Content Groups 

Talla enables customers to organize content into groups that can then be provisioned to users. The provisioning of access occurs through the User Management screen in the Talla Assistant webapp.

Adding a new Content Group

New Groups can be created by going to the “Content Groups” tab under User Management or by going here:

Groups for agent assist can be created by clicking on “Create new group”

Groups for customer assist can be created by click on Create public group”

Configuring a Content

Groups have the following fields:

  • Group Name: Required and must be unique
  • Description: Description of the purpose of the group for future reference
  • Members: User + one of the following roles
    • Viewer: User that would primarily be viewing content
    • Editor: Viewer + the ability to create, edit, and verify pages 
    • Trainer: Editor + the ability to train escalations
    • Group Admin: Trainer + the ability to edit and add users to a group

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