Talla Content Editor Update July 15, 2022 Release Notes

Main Page Editor


  • Overhauled the entire content editing feature set
  • Editor UI has changed to include a Menu as well as a toolbar
  • Toolbar has been updated
  • Bold, underline, italics now support toggling 
  • Text color is now editable
  • Contextual menus are now available when content is selected
  • Outline moved to the right side
    • Each header in the outline now displays what level it is (H1, H2, etc.)
  • Keyboard shortcuts and more! Look in the “Help” option for a full list of interactions


  • Auto link - Pasting a valid URL will now automatically be rendered as a link


  • Additional list options beyond bullets and numbers (a. b. C., I. II. III)


  • Improved editing UI. Including:
    • Full table options in the editor’s menu
    • Shortcut in the toolbar
    • Contextual menu when a table or cell is selected which allows for basic editing functions
  • Full tables properties such as background color available in the menu or the first button of the contextual menu
  • Improved interactions between tables and objected nested within


  • Pasting from other text editing tools such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other HTML sources will now preserve most of the styling elements.

Spelling Check

  • “Spellchecker” is found under “Tools” in the menu
  • 13 language options

Search & Replace

  • Search and replace is now a feature within the editor, found under “Edit” in the menu

Other Areas

Training Portal (Requested, Discovered, etc)

  • The text editor for answering questions in the Training tab has been upgraded and features a slimmed down set of tools (compared to the main page editor) for quick editing.
  • When answering a questions in the training portal
    • header and body copy are now two separate fields, previously one
    • If adding content as a new page, Title is now its own field and required

Page View

  • When viewing a page, there is now an additional tab, the "Training" tab shows each header with the ability to see block properties and contextual training options.

Chrome Extension

  • To simplify and improve the performance of the Chrome Extension, we've removed the ability to create content. Please use the Page Editor to create new content.

Coming Soon

Feature Updates

  • Preserve look & feel for synced content 
  • Enable ability to proactively test and pair questions to content in the Training tab

Fixes For Known Issues

  • Top Priority – Images in new documents created or published with the editor will not appear in Slack, the Chrome extension, or the My Talla chatbot
  • Auto-save has been temporarily removed and will be re-implemented
  • Opening a new page automatically creates a draft even when there is no content

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