Best Practices for your KB in Google Drive

This document contains best practices for maintaining a Talla-Optimized Knowledge Base in Google Drive.  By applying these practices, Talla will be able to deliver precise answers from your documents in Google Drive.

If you have not done so already, our overview document: How to Create your Content in Talla is a good resource to get you started.

Please see our Google Docs Integration documentation if you are interested in setting up an integration between Talla and Google Drive.

What file formats in Google Drive can Talla analyze?

Currently, Talla is only compatible with Google Documents.  Google Sheets, Slides, PDFs, and other file formats cannot be integrated with Talla. 

This means if you have any Microsoft Word documents in your Google Drive, they must be converted into Google Documents first in order to be synched in Talla

How should I format my Google Documents for use with Talla?

As addressed in How to Create your Content in Talla, Talla works best when your knowledge is organized into content blocks.  This enables Talla to extract snippets of content from reach article to answer a user's question. 

The screenshot below shows an example content block.  I have used a Heading 1 as the block title and some Normal Text beneath. 

In addition to a text paragraph, tables, and images will also be synched from Talla. 

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