The Talla Glossary

What is the Glossary?

Talla can learn the commonly used terms in your organization. Once glossary terms have been trained, you can ask Talla "What is [glossary term]" and Talla will give you the definition.

Adding Glossary Items

There are a couple of different methods for adding glossary terms to your Talla Knowledge Base Glossary.

Adding Glossary Terms From the Page Editor

  1. When editing a page in Talla, highlight a word to add to the glossary and click the "Az" icon in the toolbar
  2. Talla will then prompt you to add a definition to that term
  3. Click "Add Item" to register this entry in your glossary

Adding Glossary Terms from the Training Portal

You can also add terms to your glossary from the Training Portal.

Talla automatically detects potential glossary terms and adds them to your queue.  Adding a definition and clicking the checkmark will add these to the glossary. To manually add new items, click the "Add New Items" button and elect to either add one-by-one or import a CSV.

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