Integrations FAQs

What is Auto Publish?

The Auto Publish setting can be toggled from the integrations page

  • Save as drafts for review - This option will recognize any time you make an update in your external knowledge base and require you to approve those changes in Talla before the updates will be accessible in your Talla KB.
  • Publish synched pages automatically - This option will automatically publish any updates to synched pages that Talla notices

How do I publish pages that Need Review?

  1. Go to the integrations page in Talla
  2. Click on the number that indicates how many articles need review for a given KB integration 
  3. Open an article to review
  4. Review/make modifications as needed and hit Publish

(Video Example)

Can I manually refresh an integration instead of waiting for Talla to do it automatically?

Yes.  Talla automatically looks at your connected knowledge base roughly every 20 minutes to check for updated articles and learn from them.  

However, if you ever need urgently to refresh Talla with new content,  go to Settings → Integrations, and click the "Sync Now" icon next to the desired KB integration to manually kick-off the refresh.

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