Roles and Permissions FAQ

Can a user Self-Register for Talla instead of being added by a Group Admin?

Yes!  Your organization can be configured to allow users to request access to your Talla organization.  If this feature is enabled for you, just go to your organization's SSO URL (contact your Talla CSM if you do not have this URL handy), and click on the "Sign Up" button at the top of the screen. 

How do I enable Self-Registration for my Talla organization?

This action needs to be configured by your Talla Customer Success manager.  Please contact them for assistance.  If you do not know your CSM's email, please contact us at

Can someone who is not a part of my Talla organization view my internal documents?

No, in order to view documents that are created in Talla, a person must both have an account with Talla, and be granted the appropriate permissions to see a given file.

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