ServiceNow Integration

What does Talla's Integration with ServiceNow do?

Talla's integration with ServiceNow knowledge Talla to answer questions about content that currently lives in your ServiceNow knowledge base. 

If you are a current or prospective customer and would like to explore additional integration capabilities between Talla and ServiceNow, please contact us at we'd love to hear from you! 

Setting up your integration with ServiceNow


  • A Talla subscription (No subscription? No problem Click here to schedule a 15-minute consultation with our sales team!) 
  • A ServiceNow account 
  • Administrator access to your ServiceNow account
  • Your Talla profile must be an Org Admin - if you are not an org admin and would like to update your profile, please contact your team's Talla admin or Customer Success Manager for direction.  You can also reach out to to open a request with our team.

You are now ready to follow a few short steps below to integrate your ServiceNow knowledge base with Talla.

ServiceNow Prep

Enable the Knowledge Api:

  1. Search for "Plugins" in the Filter navigator search at the top left
  2. This will load "All Applications" view, then search for "Knowledge Api"
  3. Click to Install the Knowledge Api

Create a new application endpoint in preparation for connecting to Talla

  1. Search for "Application registry" in the Filter Navigator search box at the top left
  2. This will load the all "Application Registries", click New 
  3. On the next page select Create an OAuth API endpoint for external clients

  4. The default page of a new Application Registries record will load
  5. Add "Talla App" for the Name field 
  6. Add "" to the Redirect URL field
  7. Submit new record

Connect Talla to your ServiceNow Application Registry record

Step 1: Log into your Talla admin account and navigate to Settings > Integrations.

Step 2: Click "Add New" and select Service Now

Step 3: In ServiceNow, search for "Application registry" and select the Talla App record you created in the section above

Use the details from the app registry record (Client ID, Client Secret) to fill out Step 4 below 

Step 4:  Fill out the 3 required data fields in the pop up:

  • Host URL: the Host URL is the unique domain used to host your instance of service now.  It will most likely take the following format
  • Client ID & Secret:  ServiceNow automatically generates a client ID and Secret for your organization.  You can pull this information from the ServiceNow Application Registry record that you created in the section above. (screenshot below)

Step 5: After clicking "Sync Content", allow access when prompted by the ServiceNow pop up window

Step 6: Select the groups that your content should be available to and complete the sync with "Sync Content"

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