Entities in Talla

What are Entities in Talla?

Entities allow your knowledge management team to define unique objects (an important person, place, or concept) so Talla can better understand the intent of inbound questions.

Entities are used as part of our semantic similarity protocol to more accurately understand customers' questions and match them with the appropriate answer in your KB.

For example:

If "Boston", "Chicago", and "New York" are all trained as "Location" entities and a customer asks "Where is your new York Office?"  Talla will filter out all answers that include Boston and Chicago to prioritize content about the "New York" office.

How do I add Entities to my KB?

Navigating to Training Portal > Entities to access the entities table of the Training Portal.

Talla automatically suggests entities from your KB.  Select the green checkmark to confirm Talla's suggestion and train the entity.  An example of a suggested entity is below. 

You can also add new entities to your KB by selecting "Add New Entities"

Add entities one at a time, or in bulk by uploading a CSV formatted with two columns: the first column for the entity name and the second for matching type. (Example Video Below)

Entity Types are currently {person, organization, location, date/time, email address, URL, company, product, job, role, other}.

Can I remove trained entities from my KB?

Yes!  Remove an entity by clicking the trashcan at the right of the entities Table next to the entity you would like to delete. 

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