User Management

User management in Talla allows an Admin to modify the roles, permissions, and account status of 

How to modify a user's settings in Talla

In order to modify user settings, you must be a Group Admin for at least one group in Talla. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Groups & Users
  2. Click on "Everyone" to view the global set of users
  3. Find and click on the desired user
  4. Update Settings accordingly

User Settings Overview

Once you have opened the User Settings sidecar, you can modify a number of permissions for a given user. 

How to make a user an Org Admin (Profile Type Setting)

Profile Type allows you to toggle "Org Admin" and "User" status.  

Org Admin status gives a user Group Admin permissions for all groups plus the ability to manage 

User status means that a given user's status will depend on group permissions and role - this will account for the majority of users in your organization.

How to enable/disable a user (Status Setting)

A profile can be manually disabled here or have their access revoked from the organization's chat platform. A disabled profile loses access to the Talla web app and messages.  To re-activate this user, simply toggle the Status setting to "Enabled".

Note: Disabled accounts do not count towards your organization's license count.

How to update a user's group permissions (Groups Setting)

Group Admins and Org Admins are the only users that can modify the profile's role within their corresponding group(s).  

How to configure a user's notification preferences (Notifications Setting)

Trainers can choose to mute notifications from their profile settings. Organization admins can also modify this for other users as well as route notifications exclusively to e-mail.

How to change a user's name or email address

When viewing a user's profile, click

Bulk User Updates

Talla also enables admins to make updates to user profiles in bulk.  To make bulk updates to users in your Talla organization follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Groups & Users
  2. Open the Everyone Group
  3. Click "Invite New Users" --> "Import Users"
  4. Select the file to upload
  5. Verify that the profiles you would like to update are correct, click "Import"

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