Slack Integration

What does Talla's Integration with Slack do?

Talla integrates into your Slack workspace to give your team instant access to the information they need without adding more screens.  Access the content you need by sending a direct message to Talla, or by having Talla deflect questions in a shared channel.  Additionally, Talla uses Slack to notify users when training requests are submitted and content in your KB needs to be verified.

How to set up Slack Integration in Talla

In order to configure a new Slack integration in Talla, you will need:

  • Access to your Slack account
  • Organization Admin status in Talla

Slack Integration Setup

  1. Log into Talla and navigate to Settings > Organization
  2. Click "New" in the Slack Integration row
  3. Log into your Slack organization and click "Allow"

How to add the Talla app to your Slack workspace

You can add the Talla app to your Slack workspace here.

How to add Talla to a Channel

Add Talla to a channel just as you would add another teammate:

  1. Open the Channel that you would like to add Talla to
  2. Tag "@Talla" in a message and hit ennter
  3. Slack will ask you to confirm access of Talla to that channel
  4. Approve that access request, and you are good to go!

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