Getting Answers from Talla

How do I get Answers from Talla?

There are many ways to get answers from Talla based off of your current role, and how your organization's admin has configured Talla for your team.

If you are unsure of which of the following methods applies to you, reach out to your organization's Talla SME.  If they are also unsure of where to direct you, you can reach us at 

Browser Plugin

One way to interact with Talla is through our browser plugin.  Once you download the plugin, you can ask questions from anywhere in your browser simply by opening the extension icon. 

For more information and cool features, check out our browser extension documentation

Web App

You can also ask Talla questions from within our web application:  Open Talla on your organization's homepage, and ask away!


Slack or Microsoft Teams

Talla also works with your team's Slack or Microsoft Teams chat!  If your organization has set up Slack or MS Teams integration, you can ask Talla questions by following the 2 steps below.

If your organization does not have Talla integrated with Slack or MS Teams, check out our integrations documentation, or connect with your Customer Success representative.

  1. Installing the Talla app in either Teams or Slack (screenshot from MS Teams store shown below)
  2. Start a conversation with Talla! 

Chat Beacon

If your company has implemented Talla chat as a beacon on a web page for you to access, talk to your organization's Talla expert to find out where to Find Talla.

Hint: most deployments will look just like our help site.  However, others may be implemented in a more custom way, so be sure to double-check if you are unsure!

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