Confluence Integration

What does Talla's integration with Confluence do?

Your Talla organization can be integrated with your existing Confluence knowledge base!  Allow Talla to extract answers from your content to get your customers and employees relevant answers to their questions.

Integrating your Confluence Knowledge Base with Talla

The following steps outline how to establish a sync between a public website and Talla and can be completed by an account who is an Organization Admin for your Talla org.

  1. Navigate to Integration Settings
  2. Select "Add New" 
  3. Select "Confluence"
  4. Fill in the following information
    1. Enter your Confluence API Keys
    2. Enter your domain 
    3. Enter the e-mail address associated with your Confluence administrator account.
    4. Click "Connect to Confluence"
  5. Once connected to confluence, fill out the following information
    1. Select your confluence spaces to be synched with Talla
    2. Choose which groups in Talla will have access to this content
    3. *Optional* enable "Auto Publish" - this automatically publishes newly synched content into your Talla Knowledge Base.     Otherwise, newly synched pages will require manual approval.
    4. *Optional* Enable Smart Reasoning - smart reasoning enabling Talla to make basic inferences about your information and return optimal results to knowledge inquiries. If you are unsure whether or not to turn this option on, reach out to your customer success contact or e-mail 
    5. Select "Sync Content" and the integration is set up!  Depending on the size of your knowledge base, Talla may take a few minutes to sync your site's content.

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