Talla and Zendesk Guide Integration

Integrating your Zendesk Guide

To get started be sure you have the following requirements: 

  • A Talla subscription (No subscription? No problem. Click here to get started) 
  • A Zendesk account 
  • Administrator access to your Zendesk account

You are now ready to follow these 10 short steps below to integrate your current Zendesk Guide with Talla.  

Step 1: Log into your Talla admin account and navigate to your user profile name > Apps & Integrations.

Step 2: Click on the "Add new" button in the Apps & Integrations page. 

Step 3: Choose Zendesk Guide from the selected integration list to sync content. 

Step 4: Type in your domain that is associated with your Zendesk Guide account and press connect. 

Step 5:  Talla will prompt you to sign into your Zendesk Guide account.  Fill out the proper fields and click "Sign In."

Step 6: Allow Talla to access your Zendesk Guide by agreeing to the permissions request.  

Step 7: A success window will come up if authentication was successful. You can now close this window.

Step 8: Approve the sync by pressing "Sync Content"

Step 9: Syncing will kick off and you can close out the window. Your Zendesk Guide content will be available via Talla interfaces in 24 hours or less. 

Step 10: Follow the progress of the sync by checking the sync status bar.  Once completed you will see complete in green. Your Zendesk pages can be found under your pages tab on the left side panel. Note that edits in Talla will not be updated in Zendesk Guide.

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