Zendesk Guide Integration

What does Talla's integration with Zendesk do?

Your Talla organization can be integrated with your existing Zendesk Guide knowledge base!  Allow Talla to extract answers from your content to get your customers and employees relevant answers to their questions.

Setting Up your Integration with Zendesk Guide

To get started be sure you have the following requirements: 

  • A Talla subscription
  • A Zendesk account 
  • Administrator access to your Zendesk account

Follow the steps below to integrate your current Zendesk Guide with Talla.  

Step 1: Log into your Talla admin account and navigate to Settings > Integrations.

Step 2: Click on the "Add new" button on the Integrations page. 

Step 3: Type in your domain that is associated with your Zendesk Guide account and press next.

Step 4:  Talla will prompt you to sign in to your Zendesk Guide account in a new tab. Fill out the proper fields, click "Sign In", and approve the

Step 5: Allow Talla to access your Zendesk Guide by agreeing to the permissions request.  

Step 6: Set up the correct group access and visibility settings from the corresponding dropdowns. For a refresher on groups and permissions, check out this helpdesk article.  

If you are unsure about the access and visibility settings for your integration, no worries!  You can always go back and update this later once the sync has processed. 

Beneath the access dropdown, you will see the option to enable "Auto Publish" and "Smart Reasoning" 

  • Auto Publish, as the name would suggest, automatically published newly synched pages to your Talla KB.  For most integrations, we recommend that this option is turned on.  Otherwise, each newly synched page will require manual approval before it is published into the Talla Knowledge Base.
  • Smart Reasoning enables Talla to make inferences off of your knowledge. If you are unsure whether or not to turn this option on, reach out to your customer success contact or e-mail support@talla.com

Syncing will kick off and you can close out the window. Your Zendesk Guide content will be available via Talla interfaces in 2 hours or less. 

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