Browser Extension

What does Talla's Browser Extension do?

Talla's browser extension allows you to access your Talla knowledge base wherever you are working online.  Use our Chrome extension to ask Talla questions, give feedback, and create training requests when applicable.

Getting answers from Talla's extension

The Talla browser extension also allows you to get answers to your questions.  Open the browser extension and type your questions into the search bar to get answers.

Can I open the Chrome Extension with a hotkey shortcut?

Yes, here is how you can open the extension with a keyboard shortcut:

  1. Locate the Talla extension on chrome://extensions/shortcuts
  2. Enter the shortcut that you would like to use.  Hint, here are some example shortcuts that you could use
    1. For Mac: CMD + SHIFT + T
    2. For Windows/Linux: CTRL + SHIFT + T

Where can I download the Talla Browser Extension?

Google Chrome

Find Talla in the Google Chrome webstore:


The Talla Chrome extension is also supported on Microsoft Edge.  Use the Google Chrome webstore link to download Talla for MS Edge. 

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