Azure Active Directory SAML 2.0 Setup

Steps for IT/Admin team to follow to enable Microsoft ADFS SAML for SSO for Talla

Setup Talla as a new app in Azure AD

  • Navigate to Azure Active Directory portal
  • Select enterprise applications on the left hand navigation panel.
  • Click `new application`
  • Select `add non-gallery application`
  • Give the application the name ‘Talla’

Get App Metadata from Talla

Edit SSO for the new app in Azure AD

  • Under manage click single sign-on
  • Change ‘Single Sign-on Mode’ to SAML
    • Upload the metadata file from above
  • Modify the attributes.
    • Add the user.objectid attribute as objectid (no namespace necessary)
  • Save your changes.

Add final Config and test in Azure AD

  • Add in ADFS users/groups that will be using SAML SSO to enable sign-on.
  • Finally test login by visiting myapps

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