Your Knowledge Base Coverage Checklist

Are you just starting to document knowledge for your business? Or maybe you have a starting point but want to make sure all the major bases are covered? Here's our checklist of things employees tend to need to know. Documenting these things in Talla can help your team get instantaneous answers and do their jobs faster:

General Company Information for All Employees

  1. Mission statement
  2. Company values and notes on culture
  3. Tagline
  4. Benefits information
  5. Employee events
  6. Employee tools and technology
  7. Links to vendor FAQs or support resources
  8. How to request access to a tool
  9. How to report IT issues
  10. Company Policies
  11. Who does what?
  12. List of customers and use cases

Typical Knowledge for Service and Support Teams

  1. Onboarding FAQ
  2. "How to" responses reps can copy and paste in response to customer queries
  3. Common Support questions
  4. Customer Success templates: Kickoff, Business Review
  5. Process documentation: creating/upgrading/cancelling accounts
  6. Insert automations like "Create a JIRA ticket" or "File a Github Issue"
  7. Best practices
  8. Use cases and case studies

Things to Document for Sales Teams

  1. High-level overview of Product/Service offerings
  2. Elevator pitches
  3. Pitch decks
  4. Competitive comparisons
  5. Pricing
  6. Common objections and talking points to overcome them
  7. Sales scripts
  8. Insert automations like "Create a New Contact" or "Link to Report" to integrate with your CRM
  9. Roadmap overview
  10. Customer testimonials
  11. Forecast and pipeline reports (sync live to your CRM using Talla's Automations)

Knowledge Base Topics for Marketing Teams

  1. Vendors and FAQs
  2. Marketing collateral and assets
  3. Content calendar
  4. Brand and style guides
  5. Performance metrics (sync live to your system using Talla's Automations)

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