Intro for Editors: Capturing and Managing Knowledge with Talla

What is Talla?

Talla keeps your team's active content up-to-date and readily available to your colleagues, partners, and customers. Your content is immediately accessible and easy to update through chat or web apps. As the subject matter expert, you no longer have to answer the same question more than once.

Think of Talla as a new member of your team rather than any other new software. Why? Because Talla has AI-powered skills and knowledge that grow over time, its ability to bring you accurate information and start to perform tasks depends somewhat on learning from every interaction.

Capture Knowledge in Your Usual Workflows

Whether you spend your days in Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, CRM, a helpdesk system, or a mix of all of the above, Talla minimizes the effort required to capture your content and answers for future use. 

  • Install Talla to Slack to send past answers or capture and store your responses on-the-fly

  • Use our Google Chrome plugin to document answers while you’re writing emails, chats, or working in CRM or a helpdesk

  • Work from
    • Talla's Training portal captures any unanswered questions and knowledge gaps picked up in your team's interactions with Talla. 
    • Some users prefer centralizing knowledge workflows here and even set goals of opening or closing X number of knowledge gaps each week. That way, Talla is guaranteed to learn your content and help more members of your team faster. 
    • To ensure a positive end-user experience, many teams also set up a standard turnaround time for Knowledge Gaps, and have their experts work to clear the Training Requests queue each day, or assign and respond to each within as little as 2 minutes (tighter turnaround time is common for customer support teams). 

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