Introduction to Talla for View Users

What is Talla?

Talla automates the capture and maintenance of your team's knowledge content and makes it available to you anywhere, wherever you work. Answers are immediately accessible through chat or various web interfaces, providing you easy access to up-to-date answers you need to do your job.

Think of Talla as a new member of your team rather than any other new software. Why? Because Talla has AI-powered skills and knowledge that grow over time, its ability to bring you accurate information and start to perform tasks depends somewhat on learning from every interaction.

Talla works where you work:

  • Ask Talla questions in Microsoft Teams or Slack
  • Use our Google Chrome plugin to get answers while you’re writing emails, working in CRM or on customer cases
  • Use Talla's chat bot on your intranet or customer-facing portals
  • Or, you can work directly from

How Can Talla Help Me?

Rather than having to search multiple places, read through lengthy documents, and ask colleagues for help when you just need a specific piece of information to do your job, ask Talla! 

Talla will respond immediately in one of three ways:

  • Return the correct answer, which it knows with confidence because it has access to your full, up-to-date knowledge base and has learned the most precise answers to questions over time.
  • In some cases, return several options for an answer, and by selecting the closest match, you’re improving the bot's confidence in that answer for next time.
  • Respond with, “I didn’t find any results for your query. Would you like to request an answer?” Remember, by requesting the knowledge, you’re helping the bot close knowledge gaps that will make it more effective over time for your team.

Requesting New Content from Your Experts

Experts (Trainers or Admins in Talla) are the members of your team responsible for configuring Talla and managing the content accessed by the bot. If Talla does not immediately find an answer, you can request that Talla gets back to you.

  • Talla will then submit your question for experts to review and answer
  • When trained with the new content, Talla will send the answer directly to you
  • Best of all, it will now be available when similar questions are asked in the future.

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