Introduction to Groups and Roles in Talla

Depending on roles, divisions, team, product, and many other factors, your colleagues may expect to use Talla in different ways. Talla Admins have the ability to manage these settings under Groups & Users


Your Talla account starts out by default with one group including every user in your organization. All users in this group, called Everyone, are Editors by default. See role definitions under Roles below. 

As you add additional Groups (imagine a group called Sales, and another called Product, for example), you'll be able to search for and add users. 


As you add users, assign each one a Role (the 5 Roles are defined below). The same user can have a different Role in various Groups. For example, the Group Admin of the Sales Group may be a Viewer in the Product Group. 

The Viewer Role

Can view pages available to the Group and ask Talla for answers from the content available to the Group.

The Editor Role

In addition to Viewer capabilities, Editors can create, edit, deliver content available to that Group. Can also manage Assigned content and training requests.

The Trainer Role

In addition to Editor permissions, can access Analytics and Training Requests and assign Training Requests to other Trainers or Admins.

Group Admin Role

In addition to Trainer capabilities, can add and remove Group users, assign roles including other Group Admins.

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