How to Create Your Content in Talla

The Basics

What is a Content Block?

Talla allows you to organize information into Content Blocks within a page. Content Blocks are denoted by H1 Headers and the content underneath each H1. A page can have multiple H1 Headers but a Content Block has only one. The Content Block can contain lists, tables, paragraphs, links, and automations. The Content Block is the unit of information evaluated and returned for any user request.

What are best practices for Content Blocks?  

  • A Content Block should be clear, concise, and accurate
  • Each section should cover a discrete topic with unique value
  • When users ask questions or search the Knowledge Base, the Content Block or Blocks that best match their request will be returned.
  • If the Content Block has a large amount of information it will be truncated within chat and a link will be given to the user to view in Talla.  

What is the difference between H1 and H2?

  • H1 and the headers after that (H2s) are a way to organize your data.
  • H2s are tied to H1s and are not currently surfaced on their own.   
  • H2s can help you organize different questions related to things like different product lines, upcoming sprint launch, customer success status updates, etc.

For FAQ Content

  • If the knowledge block is for a Question and Answer pair be sure to set the H1 header of the Content Block as the Question and the paragraph as the answer.
  • Each block should answer a specific question.
  • For the best results for your users, consider using Who/What/Where/When/Why type questions.


Below are examples of what Content Blocks look like within a Sales Card Page for your Sales team.

H1: Header 1

A subtitle for your Block. For FAQs, configure the H1 as the Question, and the Block as the answer. 

H2: Header 2

Organizes a Block into subsections

Content Block

This is how it would look if someone were to ask a question regarding Acme’s Elevator pitch via a chat channel, in this example I’m using Slack:

Page Properties

PRO TIP: When creating a page I would always use the verify option to be sure your content is kept up to date.  We have several options whether it be weekly or monthly verifications. Great for product releases and FAQs that become outdated over time.

Task Automation

When a question requires a process or task, automate it with our Task Automation feature and you’ll never have to open up another application again. 

Be sure to add only one Task Automation per Content Block.

Inserting Links

If you need to embed a link to a segment of text, you can do so by highlighting the desired text and clicking the "Insert Link" icon in the toolbar. 

Inserting Tables

Tables can be inserted into a KB page by selecting the Table icon from the toolbar. 

NOTE:  If Talla finds the answer to a question in a table cell, the corresponding content block will be returned as an answer.

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