Submitting Training Requests

You can request new content from an admin user when Talla does not find an answer. By submitting feedback and creating a knowledge request, you will notify Talla administrators on your team. Once the answer to your question is added to Talla, you'll receive a notification with the updated answer.

Here are how the experiences work based on how you're using Talla:

Browser Extension

If Talla doesn't return any search results, click "Request an Answer" to submit your training request. This is shown in the screenshot below on the left.

If Talla's suggested results were not helpful to you, you can click the red "X" and add a description to your request if you'd like. In the example below on the right, the user was searching for Video file information, which has not yet been added to the knowledge base article about filetypes.

When an admin documents the answer to your question and resolved your training request, you'll receive a confirmation note via email.

Slack or Microsoft Teams

Similar to the Browser extension, you'll create a knowledge gap in one of two scenarios. If Talla doesn't return any results, or if the suggested answer(s) from Talla aren't exactly what you're looking for.

When your question is answered, you'll get a notification from Talla in a direct message including the answer to your question. Even if you submitted the training request from a #channel, you'll always be notified of the answer in a direct message with Talla.

Ask Talla Chatbot

The Ask Talla chatbot in the Talla Web App behaves identically to the Slack or Microsoft teams chatbots. If Talla responds to your query without any search results, you can submit a training request directly. Otherwise, mark your response as "Not Helpful" and submit the feedback form to notify your admin of a knowledge gap.

Submitting a Training request using the Ask Talla Chatbot

If you still have an active session in the Talla web app when your question is answered, you'll be notified by the chatbot. Otherwise, you will get an email.

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