Training in Talla

What is the Talla training portal?

The training portal is where you can teach Talla to associate questions that your teammates or customers are asking with blocks of content in your knowledge base. 

The training portal consists of 3 main pages.

  1. Questions (which we will discuss in detail in this article)
  2. Entities
  3. Glossary

How do I train a request in Talla?

You can Train Talla to answer questions in two different ways:

  1. If you are a Trainer or Group Admin, giving "Thumbs Up" feedback in chat will register as a trained response.  All other users (Editors and Viewers) cannot Train Talla this way.
  2. If you are a Trainer or Group Admin, you can respond to training requests in the Training Portal.  More on this method below...

Answering Training Requests in Talla

When Talla doesn't know the answer to a question, the requestor can create a training request. These requests are sent to the Training Portal where they will be addressed by a subject matter expert.

The Training Portal shows the backlog of all requests submitted by end-users. A Trainer in Talla can assign the request to a teammate or choose to address the requests themselves by finding the correct answer in the knowledge base or creating new content that answers the request. 

Train Talla with Existing Content

Sometimes, teammates or customers might ask questions in a different way than your content is written.  The "Find" option in the training portal allows you to teach Talla all the different nuances of how your users ask questions.

If the answer to a training request already exists in your knowledge base, simply open the request, select "Find" and search for the relevant content block in your KB.  Once you have found and clicked on the corrrect answer, select "Save and Send Response" to both get that answer back to the requestor, and teach Talla how to remember that answer going forward.

Train Talla by Creating New Content

If Talla is your Organization's KB

If the answer to the requestor's question does not exist in your KB, select "Create" to add the answer to your KB. Creating a new answer will automatically create a header with the question and a place to add the answer 

You can add the new content to an existing page or start a new page for this answer

You can add the new content to an existing page or start a new page for this answer

Selecting "Save & Send Answer" gets the answer back to the requestor and simultaneously trains Talla how to answer this question in the future.

If you use an External KB

(for example:  Salesforce Knowledge, Confluence, Helpscout, Zendesk, or Google Docs)

  1. Add the new knowledge to your source KB and that information will automatically be pulled into Talla.
  2. Then, you can train that knowledge gap with your new knowledge.  Follow the steps in the "Train Talla with Existing Content" section of this article.

Assigned to Me Count

Trainers can see the number of requests assigned to them at a glance

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