Respond to User Requests

  1. When someone asks a question that is not answered and they select get back to me on this, the question is stored in the Training Requests.
    1. Instructions on User Side
  2. To answer these questions select the Training Requests from your sidebar
  3. This will show you the questions that have not been answered
  4. Respond by selecting the question
    1. If there is an existing answer in your documents, then you can search for that content and send to the requestor.
    2. You can also create a new content block by clicking “Create”
  5. Creating a new answer will automatically create a header with the question and a place to add the answer 
    1. You can add the new content to an existing page or
    2. Create a new page for this answer
  6. Once you are done select "Publish & Send Answer" on the bottom left to have this answer sent to whoever asked it 

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