Respond to User Requests

  1. When Talla doesn't know the answer to a question, the requestor can elect to create a training request.  These requests sent to the Training Portal where they can be addressed by a subject matter expert.
  2. The Training Portal shows the backlog of all requests submitted by end-users.  A Trainer in Talla can address the requests by finding the appropriate answer or assigning the training task to an appropriate
  3. Open a training request by clicking on it.  You can answer a training request one of two ways:
    1. If there is an existing answer in your documents, choose the "Find" option.  Find your content with the search bar and select "Save and Send Answer". 
    2. Else, if the answer to the requestor's question does not exist in your KB, select "Create" to add the answer to your KB.
  4. Creating a new answer will automatically create a header with the question and a place to add the answer 
    1. You can add the new content to an existing page or start a new page for this answer
  5. Selecting "Save & Send Answer" gets the answer back to the requestor and simultaneously trains Talla how to answer this question in the future.

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