Deliver Content

Talla allows you to deliver KB pages based on triggers such as a new user being added or if you just want to distribute a document now or at a particular date and time.

How to Set Up Page Delivery

  1. To distribute your content go to "My pages" on the left sidebar then select the page you would like distributed
  2. Once the page is opened hit the deliver tab on the top right
  3. This will allow you to choose options on how to deliver your content whether that is based on a trigger like a new hire or just based on a time and day
    1. From here the activity of distributed content can be tracked 
  4. Select your way of distribution
  5. Click "Preview" to see what your audience will receive and Talla will send you a preview message in the chat
  6. Then choose Save/Schedule to send out your content

What are some common use-cases for Content Delivery?

The two main use-cases that we have for content delivery are:

  1. Sharing Documentation with New Hires
    1. Triggered Delivery allows you to deliver content automatically when a new user joins your Talla organization.
  2. Sharing updates across your organization.
    1. Scheduled Delivery allows you to deliver content to a specific group of users.
    2. This is commonly used to share information about updated procedures, reminders, and inform users about newly created content. 

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